Friday, October 31, 2008

Battle Of the Scrappers Entries

The Girls at 3 Angels Scrapping started a compettition in which I got all the way to the finals.......
Here are my entries and the stories and rules for each round......

Round 1
You are about to be banished to a deserted island.
You are allowed to take with you:
one photo only (what one photo is dearest to you?)
no more than three pieces of patterned paper
one set of alphasone sheet of rub-ons
one length of ribbon
no more than seven embellishments (eg. buttons, flowers etc)
You are also allowed to pack your usual supplies of scrap gear (scissors, cutter, glue stick, double-sided tape, ruler, pencil, pens) and please don't forget to pack togs, a towel and toiletries.

Round 2
You have enjoyed your enforced "holiday" on the island - the white beaches, the surf, palms swaying in the gentle breeze, the solitude and quiet. (and not a rain cloud in sight, Felicity! )But you are starting to grow restless. You are missing your family and friends, your on-line buddies, the 3AS forum and gallery and most of all; the scrapping.
One of the girls, Hermione Green, has managed to smuggle a suitcase full of scrapping goodies onto the island. You decide that to get back home you need to send a group of your most talented scrappers to scrapbattle. To determined who should be send into battle you decide to divide Hermione Green's scrapping goodies evenly amongst yourselves.
When you open Hermione's suitcase the crowd falls quiet ... everything is green: the papers, the embellishments, everything!!! Even her stack of photos is 'green'! They are all nature shots! The only thing not green is the cardstock. She's packed white, black and brown card.
You are allowed to supplement your 'green' scrap goodies and available card with anything 'natural' found on the island.

Round 3
The decision has been made!You are one of the talented scrappers chosen to explore the island in search of scrap goodies and a way to escape. You decide to head north. The trip is long, slow and treacherous! Exhaustion sets in. You need to find somewhere to spend the night. Hidden behind some bushes you find the entrance to a cave. You cautiously creep into the cave – what will you find?
You can’t believe your eyes. ‘Aahs’ and ‘oohs’ float through the air. It’s like Aladdin’s Cave – there are scrap goodies everywhere!

Patterned papers – old favourites and brand new ones stacked up to the roof, cardstock, jewels, chipboard, ribbon, buttons, pearls, mini albums in every shape and size. This is what dreams are made of!!! Suddenly there is a horrific crash. The whole cave is shaking. The entrance to the cave has been barred. There is screaming, some girls are crying. Desperation is setting in.
You’ve got food for 10 days and scrapping gear for an eternity!!!What do you want to leave behind if you never get to see your family and friends ever again?

Round 4
All is still. Girls are lying semi-conscious all around the cave. A little whimper or cry can be heard every now and then. Patterned paper and cardstock have been converted into makeshift mattresses. Flowers have been stuffed into plastic sleeves to serve as pillows. The walls of the cave are clad by beautiful art work. The girls have photos of their loved ones surrounding them. Girls are starting to stir. Was that a noise? More girls are waking up and listening intently. What is that noise? It’s coming closer and closer, getting louder and louder. Is that a chopper? Excitement sets in. That is definitely the noise of a chopper. Girls are starting to yell and shout.“We’re here!” “Help!”Suddenly muffled voices can be heard. WHO is that?“Stand back! Stand back!” The girls huddle at the back of the cave behind boxes of metal hinges and embellishments. There is an enormous bang! CRASH!!! A hole appears in the entrance of the cave.

Two people cautiously come crawling through the rubble.It’s … could it be?Jo and Rosy!!! There are tears of joy and relief. There’s hugging all around. And what have they brought with them?Chocolate, of course!!! Life on the island seems a far memory now. You’ve been back in civilisation for near on a month. You’ve been on the news, on every current affairs show and in all the magazines. You have become a scrapbook celebrity.

But how can you ever thank Jo and Rosy? If it hadn’t been for them …The phone rings.

It’s the girls! Could you please put together a DT Crop kit? Alison, Deb, Heike and Melanie have apparently all gone on an island holiday!

Your task:Put together a DT Crop kit valued at approx $40.00 choosing materials available from the shop.

1. List all materials including costing

2. Include a photo of your kit

3. Design 2 layouts plus an OTP or card using your kit

4. Supply a photo of each finished item

5. Supply step-by-step instructions for one of your items


Jo and Rosy have picked one Kit from Round 4 sell in the 3 Angels Scrapping Shop and it is MINE!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to Jo and Rosy and the whole Design Team at 3 Angels Scrapping for such a FUN competition


Thanks for looking


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